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I am very glad you’re here! Are you ready for a reliable, professional, friendly face to take care of all your lawn and landscaping related needs? Look no further.


I worked at corporate for a lawn fertilizer company for 17 years. I have seen first hand how the corporate structure and the chemicals used on lawns don’t always serve the best interest of the customer or environment. I started Walsh Luxe Lawns because I believe in serving people the right way. This business is my absolute passion and I believe that is apparent in my work, my communication, and overall results. 


Growing up in coastal Maine, my love of the outdoors is in my blood. Now, I reside in central Ohio with my family, and I want to help make my community beautiful.

Clean & Clear are two standards I can personally promise when you work with me. I will always be transparent about my pricing and give an honest opinion on what is best for your needs. And because of my extensive background in lawn care I can consult on environmentally friendly lawn practices. 


I am not only the owner and face of the company, you’ll see me in your yard! All work done by Walsh Luxe Lawn will have my WLL Stamp of Approval


I pride myself on my great communication and long-term relationships with my customers. Ask me about our full-season pledge offer! This allows me to get to know you and continue to provide quality service all season long. 


Fill out the contact sheet or give me a call at the number below. I’d love to come out and give you a consult. I am looking forward to meeting you.


Best, Kevin Walsh

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