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  • Mowing with a professional grade mower

  • Line trimming all the areas on the property including fences, around posts, trees, and curbs  

  • Edging sidewalks, driveways, and curbs   

  • Cleaning up all grass clippings on all hard surfaces 

  • Referral discount on spring/fall cleanups - lawn and bed leaf removal, weed preventative applied to beds, trim all shrubs, cut back annuals and perennials as needed

  • Established hedges require trimming to keep them dense and compact

  • Shrubs need regular pruning to maintain health and clean aesthetic

  • We also will trim small trees and advise on larger trees.


Mowing & Lawn


Mowing & Lawn


Hedge trimming

& Shrub pruning




  • Sourcing the right mulch for you

  • Mulching installation

  • Deep plugs pulled to break up compaction in the lawn

  • Cleaning up as needed before leaving your property


special project consultations

Need a consultation on chemical free treatment options, large scale projects, or landscape installation? 

Have lawn or landscaping needs outside of the services list?


Let’s talk! I can give you an estimate on the project or point you towards someone great who can do it for you.

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